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Spikes U17s Attitude

Emma Hines #9 PIN
Lauren Estes #12 PIN
Cadence Gaddis #8 PIN
Aydan Lim #13 LIBERO/PIN
Sara Nguyen #7 MBH
Gianna Burch #6 PIN
Reisa Martin #5 DS/LIBERO
Payten Baca #3 MBH
Rylie McNulty #1 SETTER
Chase Cope #4 DS
Karime Luna #24 PIN - MBH
Sylvia Sima #20 SETTER
Grace  Hoyt   PP 
Jacqueline Reilly   PP 


Head Coach: Pasky

Assistant Coaches: James, Blase

At Spikes one should never feel threaten by team's depth. It prepares for HS & College and helps teams win trophies as long as every member stays focused and positive, each one of them, without exception, represent a valuable piece of the team' success!


Friday scrimmage Spikes 17s vs Sparks 17s - 12/16/2022

This will be very short, yes the Spikes 17s Attitude Pasky won all 4 sets vs Sparks 17s but this is not the point here, not even close. I finally witnessed my 17s work together, support each other and fired on all cylinders with smiles and energy. Still some work ahead, practice has been all about learning to score points rather than hit the ball and it showed. I will keep the emphasis on that till we compete in our first true challenge coming up end of January when I take them to the AAU Sooner Super Regional, OK.

Win or lose if they give me what they just did, I will be the proudest coach in that tournament I can guarantee it.  Love those girls!

Coach Pasky