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"Our drive is our passion - Our caring is our strength"



The number of players at each level is capped, no exceptions, resulting in faster skill development..

Level 1 - 10 weeks Spring Session online registration: Tuesday & Thursday: FULL - Tuesday only: FULL - Thursday only: 2 places left. (Level 1 is capped at 12 players for both Tuesday and Thursday practices!) 


Level 2 - 10 weeks Spring Session online registration: Tuesday & Thursday: FULL - Tuesday only: FULL - Thursday only: 3 places left. (Level 2 is capped at 12 players for both Tuesday and Thursday practices!)


Level 3 - 10 weeks Spring Session online registration: Monday & Wednesday (+Friday): FULL - Monday only (+Friday): FULL - Wednesday only (+Friday): FULL. (Level 3 is capped at 18 players for both Monday and Wednesday practices, 24 players for Friday scrimmages)



5 day Summer Camp - Level 2 and up - Not for beginners June 7th to 11th - 9am till 1pm

Quality camp capped at 12 players - 5 places left

5 day MS and HS prep Camp 1 -  Not for beginners July 19th to 23rd - 9am till 1pm

Quality camp capped at 12 players - 3 places left

5 day MS and HS prep Camp 2 -  Not for beginners July 26th to 30th - 9am till 1pm

Quality camp capped at 12 players - 5 places left

2021/22 Volleyball Season for HS Players for less than $1800 All inclusive!


For HS players only U15, U16 and U17s - All inclusive season for $1799*

- 3 two hours practice per week for 7 months.

- Professional qualified adult coaching.

- Full gear (2 practice shirts, 2 teams jerseys, 2 team shorts, 2 pair of team socks and 1 team bag).

- Team entry in minimum 3 local tournaments or Saturday only games/scrimmages vs other clubs.

- Team entry to Crossroads (acceptance cannot be guaranteed).

additionally, based on team performance

- Team entry in the "In it to win it" 3 day tournament in Las Vegas, all inclusive $749.** 


- Team entry in the World Largest Girls Junior Tournament, the AAU 49th Nationals Orlando Fl. 7 day all inclusive $1199.**

Tryouts July 2021 - go to: and register to receive updates.

* Additional membership registration with AAU ($18) and/or USAV might be required

** All inclusive: team registration, flights, transportation to/from airport, to/from competing venues, accommodation, breakfast, lunch, diner and snacks, team coaches/staff and chaperone. 


Gym closures - Weather & Notifications

All 3 levels for the winter session, team practices and clinics are running as per published calendar. 


Spikes U14 Z team raises the AAU flag and light the torch at the 2018 AAU 45th Nationals opening ceremony where over 2500 teams came to compete

Last day of 10 weeks Summer session for Level 1 & 2, game day !

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How to be a volleyball player?

With 128 young athletes we run at full capacity - Join our mailing list to register early and to stay updated on next sessions and tryouts


Level 1 Tuesday warm-up a

Spikes™ uses the latest technology available for true and quantifiable individual results and improvements

Level 1 Tuesday warm-up b

Last 15 minutes of practice for Level 1 beginners and Newbees assisted by our HS players. No better substitute for fast progress in ball control.

Our Sponsors

These fine organizations make what we do possible. Please show your support to these amazing sponsors and thank them for their commitment to our academy.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Email coach Pasky to receive your sponsorship proposal package:


Sponsored by Cranelli's Italian Restaurant

Cranelli's Italian Restaurant

Visit Website


10047 Park Meadows Dr - Lone Tree, Co 80124

Reservation: 303-799-3661 

“Best of the Best 2017” / 2016 / 2015 / 2014 

Lone Tree & Highlands Ranch

Italian Restaurant – Caterer – Family Restaurant – Place to meet new people - Live Music Venue – Pizzeria – Wine Bar


Sponsored by

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Spikes™ Volleyball Club, home of the JumpStart® Volleyball Academy together with Attitude™ Volleyball Club have left Facebook and are now on, the only true social media platform. No Ads, No Gimmicks, No Spyware, No BS!

MeWe is a social network we trust - where members are customers to serve, not data to sell, target, or manipulate. 

MeWe is social done right! 

Sponsored by Angelo's Taverna Littleton

Angelo's Taverna Littleton

Visit Website

Angelo’s Taverna Littleton is continuing a tradition of great food and welcoming hospitality! They are shucking the freshest oysters, delivered daily! Varieties from the East and West coasts will surely satisfy your bivalve cravings. Try their unique Char-grilled oysters as well. Served hot and bubbling with their signature sauces, their char-grilled oysters are sure to please even a non-oyster eater.

HOURS: Sun- Thur: 11am-10pm / Fri-Sat: 11am-11pm
HAPPY HOUR: Daily 3pm-6pm / 8:30pm-close    

(720) 532-1389
6885 S. Santa Fe Drive -Suite A - Littleton, CO 80120

For more information

Phone: 720-263-8000


As we re-open and with so much hysteria and misinformation out there resulting from hilarious toilet paper run, unnecessary, dangerous and counter-productive business and schools lockdowns as per W.H.O (October 2020).

1) for the past 4 years a gallon of hand sanitizer has always been placed at the entrance of the gym for ALL players to use freely and every time they enter and re-enter the gym. Just plain common sense. NO CHANGES here.

2) Prior to entering the gym, temperature and oxygen readings will take place for everyone and ALL players. Temperature below 99.5F and Oxygen above 92% required to enter and participate in any clinics, camps, competitions, sessions or team practices.

3) All balls and carts have always been sanitized weekly. As we re-open it will be done daily and after each sessions, team practices and clinics.

4) The virus has been affecting mainly adults NO deaths below the age of 44 in all of Douglas County, and

5) as of 1/30/21 only 9 cases below the age of 18 have been hospitalized in the past 12 months and the great news is that all 9 have recovered.

5) Based on the actual data and until further notice, during sessions, team practices, camps and clinics parents/adults and spectators will NOT be allowed inside the gym - No Exception.

6) Following the executive order issued by Gov. Polis on July 16th all players will be required to wear a mask whilst in the building, and because of the extensive discomfort all players endure whilst exercising with mask on we will have plenty of mask breaks where players will be allowed to go outside using the back door , self distance and remove their mask. 

7) Spikes will be hosting the Covid League played every Saturday. Only the 2 participating teams and one parent/spectator (strictly no sibling) will be allowed in the gym on their respective competing schedule with a maximum of 50 people inside which represent 15% of gym capacity and well below the 25% state guidelines. Mask mandatory for everyone.

COVID19 UPDATE as of 1/30/2021 Source Tri-County:

Douglas county population of 351,000 and for the past 12 months (since February 2nd)

19212 cases total or 5.47% - 789 hospitalizations or 0.22%

Avg. age of hospitalized: 63 u - 14 hospitalization for under 18, all 14 with underlying conditions, all 14 have thankfully recovered

224 deaths or 0.06% - 1 death under 44 none under 18 - avg. age of death : 83 

Highlands Ranch population 105,000 - 3664 cases or 3.4%