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"Our drive is our passion - Our caring is our strength"

Registration for session #1 2018  

 January 5th - March 11th now closed

Session Full all levels

10 weeks of skills development from only $199* 

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Weather: All practices/clinics/games running as scheduled

Dear Parents,

In the Spring of 2016, I was joined by former Head Coach of the Australian Women’s National Team and decorated Division 1 US College Coach, coach Blase to assist me in offering 3rd to 12th grade young athletes, from true beginners to almost accomplished players an effective, high quality and high tempo volleyball program with a real competitive edge. A program that runs non-stop, all year long, in an 8 or 10 weeks session format, with practices scheduled away from school activities and the all important homework.

 Born from genuine passion for the game the sole objective of this Academy is to help its young members make the best MS & HS school team possible at a fraction of "club" costs.

JumpStart® Volleyball Academy operates under a very unique and exciting philosophy. We strongly believe that the game itself should be first and foremost enjoyable and not as so often seen at beginner or early Level 1: frustrating even infuriating to players, coaches or spectators alike. For that reason we have created the MTT™ concept together with the Spikes™ Color Headbands ranking where focus is placed solely on helping new and not so new players acquire and develop the necessary skills to play volleyball well before being involved in league or teams. Our MTT™concept stands for:  Move – Talk – Touch.

  • Move:  we run our drills at a very elevated tempo, encouraging and helping even the most reserved and unsure player to join in and enjoy the physical aspect of the game.
  • Talk: or as we call it the 3 C’s. Communication, Communication, Communication. This is probably the most important part of the game. Letting your teammates know of your position and intentions. Our drills demand that players express themselves vocally at all times leading to some very surprising but positive results.
  • Touch: bump, set, spike, toss, serve, hit. Development of volleyball skills is directly linked to the number of touches on a ball that a player makes within a 90 minutes practice session. Because of our high tempo and small size practice groups the player’s touch ratio is simply unmatched.

Years of experience coaching at all levels but especially beginners and level 1/2 have taught us that 6 on 6 league game play is mostly counter-productive and slows the learning process dramatically.

On the other hand our MTT™ concept put the same players in fast and exciting 2 on 2, 3 on 3 and maximum 4 on 4 game play environment with many variations. More space on the court, fewer players to communicate with, more ball touches and most importantly very little hesitation time resulting in less so common and frustrating  “mine or yours?” instances. We also encourage our experienced and established players to join in these games, serving both as mentors and tutors. Didn’t we all learn so much faster by trying to copy and match our peers? Coaches bring technique and structure to drills but there is no better and exciting learning substitute than watching and playing with the "stronger" or “older” girls.

Finally, when the time comes to enter our Elite and Spikes™ team environment, players, coaches and parents alike acknowledge the fact that team practices are actually true team practices with very little of that precious time spent on individuals’ tune ups.

In this coming 2017/18 season, our travelling Spikes™teams will compete only in a few local tournaments and privately organized scrimmages  against club teams. These will serve as preparation to the much larger Super Regionals or Grand Prix AAU sanctioned qualifiers tournaments with the ultimate goal of the season being the 45th AAU Girls' Nationals in Orlando FL.

The JVA (Junior Volleyball Association) and AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) are at this time our Academy sole affiliations, and because of our deeply rooted philosophy the height of a player will NEVER be prioritize over talent, work ethics and attitude.

Except for the Elite and travelling Spikes™ teams, there are no tryouts to enter the academy, but spots are very limited. JumpStart® Volleyball Academy will always strive to be second to none in terms of practice quality, time and value.

I invite you to compare our coach's credentials, practice time per $ spent, our actual teams' past and actual seasons videos and results, to, read the parents and players testimonials on this website but more importantly to watch your child's red cheeks and smiley faces after an hour and a half of practice. I am confident that you will find our Academy to be your first and most likely your one and only Volleyball home.

If you wish to see your young athlete experience our academy first hand? Don't hesitate! Come along for a free practice session. Just email me for availability/booking:

Kindest regards,

Coach Pasky

Spikes™llc CEO and Head of the JumpStart® Volleyball Academy

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