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U13 Super Regional Gold Medal scream!

U13 WIN Gold again ! May 20th Mile High Tournament

6 tournaments: Gold, Silver, 3rd, Silver, Gold and Gold!

It's hard to believe that in this U13 team we have a player who just turned 11, 3 who are 12, and 6 who are 13. I could go on and on about this team, their character, and their abilities and I would probably repeat myself and bore you to death. So in one of the proud parents own words:

Hi Pasky,

Today was such an awesome day for our girls! They were such a cohesive unit and they went up against some very good teams. Yes, we still have a lot to learn and each had their own moments, however this was by far the best they have played. Our semi finals and finals were played at such a high level, and almost every play was “bump set spike” or “bump set tip.”  It was a very honorable win and these girls really have become a family. 

Coach Shay did a great job and handled some “adversity” during the day in a very professional and admirable way

Great way to end the season!

Zoe (2004 - 2017)

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Cresthill MS 7th Grade only prep program

A great 5 weeks prep program for all our 7th Grade players


by Mark Wakefield 

Cresthill Middle School


May Clip - U13 with 5 medals - Last Jump of the season !

JumpStart™ Volleyball Academy

"Our drive is our passion - Our caring is our strength"


Session #5 2017 --  October 6th - December 17th 

registration will open 9/1/2017

  10 weeks of skills development for: $189* for one and half hour once a week 


10 weeks of skills development for $299** for one and a half hour twice a week 


Dear Parents,

Former Head Coach of the Australian Women’s National Team and decorated Division 1 US College Coach, coach Blase and myself, coach Pasky Head of the JumpStart™ Volleyball Academy have teamed up to offer young athletes from 3rd to 12th Graders, who are either true beginners or almost accomplished players with the aim and strong desire of making the best MS & HS school team possible, a true, high quality and high tempo program with a real competitive edge.

Our first  complete academy session started on May 9th 2016 and going forward our program will be running non-stop, all year long in an 8 or 10 weeks session format with either 3 or 5 hours of practice time per week. We have created this academy solely out of passion to give young players the opportunity to participate in volleyball year round. It is the only affordable and logical option to try volleyball first and see how your young athlete will perform prior to committing funding and time in a USA volleyball "club" program. 

Starting with the 2017/18 season, our teams will compete only in a few local tournaments and privately organized scrimmages  against club teams. These will serve as preparation to the much larger Super Regionals or Grand Prix AAU sanctioned qualifiers tournaments with the ultimate objective (based on performance) to reach  the AAU Nationals in Orlando FL.

AAU is our sole affiliation, and because of our deeply rooted philosophy we will NEVER prioritize the height over the talent and attitude of a player .

Except for our Elite and travelling Spikes™ teams, there are no tryouts to enter our academy, but spots are very limited. JumpStart™ Volleyball Academy will always strive to be second to none in terms of practice quality, time and value.

I invite you to compare our coach's credentials, practice time per $ spent, our actual team videos and results on this website but more importantly to watch your child's red cheeks and smiley faces after an hour and a half of practice. I am confident that you will find our Academy to be your first and most probably your one and only Volleyball home.

If you would like to see your young athlete experience our academy first hand? Don't hesitate! Come along for a free practice session. Just text me for availability/booking on 720-662-9346

Kindest regards,

Coach Pasky. Head of the Academy

*Session #5: once a week practice for 10 weeks, $189 for early registration and $229 after early registration deadline has passed. Online registration only. 

**Session #5: twice a week practice for 10 weeks, $299 early registration, $349 after early registration deadline has passed. Online registration only. 


- U13 Gold Medal - May 6th 2017 - Mile High Tournament

Always focused, always that burning desire to win and hustle like there is no tomorrow. So far this season, 5 tournaments, 2 Gold, 2 Silver and a third place....Next.... May 20th Mile High Tournament...bring it on!

U13 WIN Gold Medal - May 6th Mile High tournament

Our U13 team - In Silver - March 18th Mile High tournament

Our U13 team of 3 13 years old, 6 12 and 1 10. So far this 2016/17 season of 4 tournaments: 1 Gold -  2 Silver and a third place! So much desire to perform  and perform well, wow!

Our U13 Team - In SILVER February 25th Mile High Tournament

Our U14 White Team - Silver medal winners! December 14th Mile High tournament




For more information

Phone: 720-263-8000

2016-2017 JumpStart™ Volleyball Academy Sessions

#3 - May 9 - June 15  (6 weeks) closed
#4 - July 6 - August 24  (8 weeks) closed
#5 - August 29 - October 19  (8 weeks) closed
#6 - October 21 - December 17  (8 weeks) closed


#1 - January 6th - March 11th (10 weeks)  closed

#2 - March 17th - May 20th (10 weeks) closed

#3 - June 2nd - August 6th (10 weeks) closed

#4 -August 11th - October 1st (8 weeksclosed

#5 - October 6th - December 17th (10 weeks)

**Dates subject to change**

Important Message: All registered players will need to bring a Valid Medical Certificate at the start of their session, stating that they are fit and in good physical condition to participate in All Terrain volleyball programs and activities.


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We are flattered to see our volleyball academy being copied; from practice programs and content to website look and feel. That being said we are confident to remain the number one academy in this space for many, many years to come after all we do offer unbeatable pricing (at least half the pricing of our "nearest competitors") for true quality practices run by a head coach with some of the highest possible coaching credentials.

Our drive is our passion - Our caring is our strength.


Major announcements will take place early next year, stay tuned.


Become a sponsor

Contact coach Pasky (720) 263 8000